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Macedon Defense KRAM

The Macedon Defense KRAM (patent pending) is essentially a spacer for standard ACOG mounts and was specifically designed to solve the "eye relief" (and/or "height") problem often associated with mounting 4x32 ACOG models on Stoner-design rifles (e.g., AR-15s, M16s, M4s etc.). However, the KRAM may be used with any optic, or other accessory, that uses a "carry handle type" or "M16 base" mounting structure.



When used in it's originally-intended manner (i.e., to raise and laterally shift the ACOG), the KRAM is positioned between the ACOG and the ACOG mount and raises the ACOG just enough so that the base of the ACOG is higher than the rear flip sight (i.e., when folded down), while shifting the ACOG rearward (i.e., towards the user/away from the muzzle) so that the base of the ACOG at least partially extends over the rear flip sight.



One feature that makes the KRAM unique is that it was designed so that a substantial portion of the base of the ACOG extends beyond, or "hangs off," the KRAM (when the KRAM is used to raise the ACOG and shift the ACOG to the rear).


This allows the ACOG to be raised as little as possible and yet still "clear" the rear flip sight. As a result, most shooters are still able to maintain a solid cheekweld on the stock of the rifle, while the use of the ACOG has been "facilitated" - i.e., more comfortable to use, easier to obtain a full field of view image, quicker shots on target, etc.


Currently, three variations of the KRAM are in production: KRAM 5.5, KRAM 7.0, and KRAM 9.0. The number in the name of each version corresponds to the approximate distance (in millimeters) that version raises the ACOG compared to the conventional position on the ACOG mount being used (e.g., the KRAM 7.0 raises the ACOG approximately 7 millimeters).  Each version is available in black (i.e, onyx), as well as a limited number of bronze.

The different versions are provided so that the user may position the ACOG as close as possible to the rear flip sight, depending on the exact rear flip sight and ACOG mount used.  However, all three versions of the KRAM are compatible with all existing ACOG mounts.  The current generation of the KRAM also provides the option of simply raising the ACOG without laterally shifting it.This allows the KRAM to be used on virtually any weapons platform, even if the eye relief is not an issue per se with the optic in use.That is, the shooter may simply prefer that the optic to be raised a bit compared to its when using only a conventional ACOG mount.All KRAMs are made of solid 6061 aluminum, provided with a type III, hard coat anodizing, and come complete with mounting screws and a hex key.

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